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Sun Run

What is the Sun Run?

  • A school wide event on September 29th in which all students and staff participate.

  • A new approach to fundraising that avoids selling products and directs ALL profits back to the school.

  • Sunset Ridge PTA Fundraiser, where students are encouraged to get pledges and run laps to raise money for school wide programming.

What are the goals of the Sun Run?

  • To fund Organization programming, including teacher allowances, assemblies, classroom technology, field trip opportunities and new playground equipment.
  • To include the entire Sunset Ridge community in a fun and healthy activity.

  • To be successful enough to make this the only major Sunset Ridge PTA fundraiser of the year.

What do students do for the Sun Run?

  • Use the online pledge system and/or the pledge envelope to collect sponsors for the Sun Run.

  • Run/walk a looped track on the school field for 20 minutes on the Sun Run day. Each session of the Sun Run takes 1 hour, with time to get on the field, warm up, run, cool down and have a post-race snack.
  • Have a ton of fun, whether or not they have pledges.

What do parents/guardians do for the Sun Run?

  • Help your student get sponsors before the Sun Run,

  • Volunteer the day of the Sun Run

  • Dress your student appropriately for running and the weather the day of the Sun Run.

  • Support their students with words of encouragement and by cheering from the sideline as they participate in this fun and healthy fundraising event. Signs, crazy outfits, and noisemakers are welcome!
  • Help your student collect pledges, fill out raffle tickets and thank their sponsors after the Sun Run.

What do students get from the Sun Run?

  • An understanding of the fun and importance of exercise. 

  • An appreciation of teamwork and the strong school unity at Sun Run. 

  • FREE t-shirt and healthy snack on Sun Run day. 

  • A chance to win prizes for themselves and their classroom.

What about pledges?

  • Sponsors can pledge an amount per lap or a set amount. 

  • Sunset Ridge PTA is a 501(3)c organization and donations are tax-deductible. For donations less than $250, a cleared check serves as a receipt. A receipt will be sent home for donations greater than $250 or by request.

  • If your family prefers not to solicit pledges, please consider making a donation to Sunset Ridge PTA.

What happens after the Sun Run?

  • A packet telling how many laps your student ran will come home on race day. 

  • Students should collect outstanding pledges, with checks payable to Sunset Ridge PTA.

  • Turn in pledges in the pledge envelope by October 13th

  • Prizes will be awarded the week of October 16th.