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Thanksgiving Luncheon

Join Us For Our Thanksgiving Lunch

Our Old Fashioned Harvest Luncheon is a fun event for family to join students for a Thanksgiving themed lunch. 

In addition to hoping you will attend the event, we are in need of volunteers to help with greeting, serving, set-up, and clean-up.

Thank you for all of your support and involvement at Sunset Ridge!


Savory Roast Turkey

Homemade Traditional Stuffing

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Steamed Green Beans

Fresh Apple Slices

Whole Grain Dinner Roll & Margarine

Frosted Harvest Bar

1%, Chocolate and Skim Milk

All Guest Meals: $3.80 each, Student Lunches: $2.55
(Families of free and reduced eligible students must pay for their meals)

In order to serve students and their families quicker, we will be providing two serving lines again this year -
one in the gymnasium and one in the cafeteria. The serving times will be as follows:


Time of Lunch


Ms Judd

10:35 – 11:00

Ms Lerum

Ms Prichard

10:37 – 11:00

Mrs King

Mrs Callin

10:55 – 11:20

Mrs Jordan

Mrs Nicklas

10:57 – 11:20

Mrs Wolfinger

Mrs Cullen

11:35 – 12:00

Mrs FitzRandolph

Mrs Gaffaney/Mrs Brandt

11:37 – 12:00

Mrs Brosious

Mr Martz/Mrs Berger

12:00 – 12:25

Mr Davidson

Mrs Johnson (fourth grade)

12:03 – 12:25

Mrs Baker

Mrs Masnica

12:25 – 12:50

Ms Farrell

Mr Kalscheuer

12:27 – 12:50

Ms Johnson (third grade)

While we do accept cash payment for guest meals, we strongly encourage use of your student’s Lunch Express account. This speeds overall service and decreases line waits on this very busy day.  Please make sure you have deposited adequate money in your student’s Lunch Express account.  Remember we do not accept account payments in line.  Thanks!

In addition, please make every effort to come through our meal lines with your student.  Our Lunch Express system is set up by class roster and this simple thing actually saves excessive line waits on these very busy and fun event days. 

This traditional harvest celebration showcases products made by our MCPASD School Nutrition Services for student meals and reflects our effort for a fresher and healthier school meal. 


Tips for making your day more enjoyable...

Tip 1: Parking will be available in both the front east and west parking lots and in the rear of the building as well as along the driveway. If weather permits, parking will also be available on the soccer field. Hopefully this will provide a little more room for vehicles this year. The back east entrance will be open for you to use on this day.  Please do not park on Airport Road.

Tip 2: If possible arrive only ten (10) minutes before your child's scheduled lunch time. This should give you enough time to park your car and meet your child as s/he comes through the lobby.

Tip 3: Please wait in the lobby area and join your child as s/he comes down from the classroom. Line up with your child on the north side of the hallway if heading into the gym and on the south side of the hallway if going into the cafeteria.

Tip 4: Enjoy your Thanksgiving lunch!