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The yearbook committee needs your help!  If you are attending a fun school event, we’d love for you to share your photos with us, to possibly be included in the next yearbook.  Of course, a regular camera will take better quality pictures, so we would prefer that format over a cell phone. Photos can be emailed to:

We are so lucky to have a yearbook at Sunset Ridge. In order for this to happen the PTA needs a handful of hard working parents to donate their time to make this happen. We currently use Pictavo software through HR Imaging - the company that also takes our school photos. This is a huge money and time saver because we are able to electronically load all of the school photos onto the individual classroom pages.

Yearbook Chair:

Main duties include: Signing yearbook contract with HR Imaging in the fall, taking photos all year (at school events, classroom photos w/teacher, candids throughout the year and electives (art, gym, library, etc.), and uploading them to yearbook website, taking new student photos, modifying the background and adding them to their class page, updating yearbook order form with possible changes from year before, sending home to every family, collecting funds and handing over to PTA Treasurer and distributing yearbooks the last week of school.

Yearbook Committee:

Help take photos off and on throughout the entire school year of school activities, recess and lunchroom photos, candids during Literacy Week, electives art, gym, library and technology classes, during class field trips and any other time. The yearbook committee also helps take photos of new students and students that miss photo day to make sure everyone is listed with their class. Any photos taken should be put on CD or flash drive - labeled "Yearbook photos" and a brief description of the photos (e.g. "Winter Tea") and given to the main office secretary to be put into the PTA mailbox. Some years it may also be possible to upload directly to the yearbook website. In the past the yearbook committee has also helped create a special custom cover for the yearbook and helped with order form/money collection and yearbook distribution.